Alternative Dispute Resolution Specialists

What is Mediation?

Mediation is generally defined as the process by which someone tries to end a disagreement by helping the two sides to talk about and agree on a solution.

The acceptable third party has no authoritative decision-making power but rather assists the involved parties to voluntarily reach a mutually acceptable settlement of the issues in dispute. In addition to addressing substantive issues, mediation may also establish or strengthen relationships of trust and respect between the parties or terminate relationships in a manner that minimises emotional cost and psychological harm. Below are the mediation services offered:

The disputants must be willing to allow a third party to enter the dispute and assist them in developing proposals and reaching a solution. Acceptability does not necessarily mean that disputants eagerly welcome the involvement of the mediator and are willing to do exactly as he or she says. It does mean that the participants approve of the mediator's presence.

It does mean that the participants approve of the mediator’s presence and are willing to listen to and seriously consider his or her suggestions on how to manage or resolve their differences.

Accepting mediation involves the signing of an Agreement to Mediate.