Disciplinary Hearing Fixed Fee Special

Disciplinary Hearing Fixed Fee Special

Suited to small and large companies alike, the Fixed Fee Disciplinary Hearing Special provides the services of labour law specialist as an Independent Chairperson for a fixed fee that covers the pre-hearing preparation, the Disciplinary Hearing, and the Disciplinary Hearing Report with the finding (guilty or not guilty) and the sanction recommendation. It makes sense to outsource and obtain a neutral, experienced arbitrator to do the job for you in a way which protects your company from further legal referrals.

About the “Special”


  • The “Special” is available from 1 May 2022 to 31 August 2022

What is covered?

  • All reasonable preparation
  • The Disciplinary Hearing Report
  • Travel expenses to attend the Disciplinary Hearing are included provided the mediation takes place within a 20km radius of the Dispute Resolution Firm in Durbanville, Cape town.

What is not covered?

  • Costs of a venue if applicable
  • Refreshments and other disbursements.
  • Travel time taken to and from the venue for the Disciplinary Hearing
  • Travel by motor vehicle in excess of the 20km levied at R4,96 per km
  • Air travel if applicable
  • Accommodation if applicable


  • Traveling service to your location
  • Independent professionally qualified chairperson
  • Creates a call to action

The Cost

Fixed Fee R2,500
Additional hourly charge R1400 per hour
Not applicable to Fixed Fee Special

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