Alternative Dispute Resolution Specialists

Alternative Dispute Resolution Services

At the Mediation Centre we aim to protect the reputation of the mediation profession and to build and promote the public confidence in mediation as an alternative dispute resolution process for resolving disputes. We have a duty to ensure that all our services provided will be fundamentally fair and conducted with integrity in an impartial manner.

We will take all reasonable steps to maximise the quality and competence of our services and to provide our clients with accurate, transparent and understandable information about our services and fee structures. We believe in remaining highly skilled, trained and appropriately qualified. Ongoing skills development is mandatory.

We will disclose the existence of any interests or relationships which may affect the impartiality of the organisation. Any possible conflict of interest will be discussed prior to accepting any instruction. The mediator shall disclose as soon as practicable all actual and potential conflicts of interest that are reasonably known to the mediator.

We will take all reasonable steps to protect the level of confidentiality agreed to by the parties or acquired by applicable legislation.

If minor children are involved in any dispute the principle of the “best interest of the child” will be strictly adhered to and we will take all reasonable steps in order to hear “the voice of the child”.

We pride ourselves in delivering a professional, cost effective and punctual service.