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Labour Law services in South Africa are more important than ever given the high unemployment rates and economic climate. Employment affords the incumbent more rights than ever before which could spell difficulties for the individual employee, as well as threats to employers. We provide all the services and advice that an employee or employer would need to succeed.

We specialise in workplace mediation as an alternative to disciplinary action, understanding your business and helping to forestall disputes before they occur, preventing the risk and high cost of staff turnover.

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Fees are established in accordance to the scope of work. Please send an enquiry email to in this regard.

LabourLawConsultancy services offered:

Disputes are managed expeditiously and cost effectively however, in the case of misconduct or incapacity we will conduct a procedurally correct and substantively fair hearing as required by Schedule 8 of the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 as amended.

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Disciplinary hearings

Appeal hearings (If applicable)

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