Online Mediation

Alternative Dispute Resolution Specialists

To meet rapidly expanding requests for online mediation as a dispute resolution mechanism for commercial, workplace and family disputes, the Mediation & Dispute Settlement Centre offers Online Mediation as an alternative to face-to-face mediation.

The same highest ethical standards apply including online dispute resolution continuing education. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused worldwide lockdowns, but conflicts and disputes will continue. Workplace and commercial relations that are already strained will ramp up despite employees operating remotely and the additional economic pressures will further heighten tensions. The lockdowns will also result in backlogs in the legal and justice systems meaning, ongoing conflict and disputes.

The Mediation & Dispute Settlement Centre offers an online platform to continue to provide mediation and arbitration services so that parties to disputes can maintain social distance and interact remotely to deal with their disputes and conflicts using Zoom, a secure online platform that has the ability to replicate the face-to-face traditional processes very effectively.

Services include: Labour Law advice, Business Restructuring, Retrenchments,  Workplace Mediation, Disciplinary Hearings, Commercial Mediation, Family Mediation and COVID-19 Workplace Preparedness.

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